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Mark Robers-Integrative Massage and Body Therapy
       Address- 827 N. Cass St.
        Milwaukee, WI 53202
                                               Phone-(414) 278-0440
Fitness Professionals is very honored to partner with a massage therapist as skilled and knowledgable as Mark Robers. Click here to check out Mark's website. 
"Mark Robers has been giving me massages for many years.  His knowledge of anatomy and deep tissue work has been demonstrated in several ways; relieveing chronic lower back pain, tendonitis in my shoulder and others.  It seems that I can bring a muscle pain issue and he has the skill to enhance healing.  Besides, for therapeutic massage, he's the best." -Leonard Sobczak.
"Mark has done wonders for my lower back and has played a crucial role in loosening muscles that have habitually given me problems.  Mark’s Massage Therapy has given me the opportunity to work out harder.  I’m less anxious and have more confidence when attempting more involved and intense exercises.  He has been very easy to work with and he has shed some light on some very interesting relationships between muscle groups that I never thought had any connection with one another.  I highly recommend giving Mark a try." -Jim Bryce.
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